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Let me introduce myself - my name is Vladimir, I'm a professional ship-modeler with more than 35 models done. In the past I was a sailor, that is why my passion about models is so hard.

I was born just before the WW2 in Ukraine, here I've spent almost all my life. During 1957-1961 I acted as a sailor on the North navy. A creation of models is the hobby of the whole of my life. I became a lector after finishig a sailor career. My works were presented on the exhibition on Kollizej (NY) in March 1992.

These ships were made from scratch, you can ask what does it mean, and the answer is easy if a ship has 10 cannons you will find no identical between them. They can look realy similar, but they are different...


Ship model Bajkal Ship model Bajkal (for sale)
During the world shipmodels championship the copy of this model, made by me got a bronze medal.
  Ship model Niksa Ship model Niksa (for sale)

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